Chapel Time: Night Two

I spent an hour sanding my wall in the Chapel tonight…didn’t progress in appearance apart from the diminishing sheen.  I really did intend to photograph each and every night until the work’s completion.  However, I left my camera at home and decided not to be disappointed.  Afterall, a white wall is a white wall!  Nothing has changed!  I did find out where the five foot ladder is stored however, and the vacuum cleaner as well.  Now as a part of the nightly ritual, I will also be able to ‘mop’ up after myself. 
Small circular motions over two nights has already left my shoulders, arms and wrists a wee bit weary.  Tomorrow I may just spend my time sketching in the space…developing my ideas.
A chapter in John O’Donohue’s book titled Eternal Echoes is inspiring the work.  If one person’s suffering leads (and I think it does) to a bright light somewhere in someone else’s life…or leads to blessings and positivity in a global sense…or even comes back at some point to the suffering person…then, how much in the way of divine light and love comes to the world through the suffering of Jesus?  I want to ‘excavate the landscapes of the unwritten Jesus’ all the while, being companion…close friend…fellow artist…and it feels like lately, CARPENTER buddy…of that same Prince of Peace!
I will likely spend some of my blogging time these next few weeks conceptualizing and finding my way with the ideas behind the painting.

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