Forty Days

Ash Wednesday
I didn’t sleep at all last night.  I had anxiety over so many things that I just could not rest my mind or my imagination.  I have done much today, with very little time for reflection until 8:00 tonight.
I attended our Ash Wednesday Mass and was as always, moved by a little tale told annually…the story of The Rag Man.  As I placed my little piece of rag on the arm of a wooden cross…I imagined that all my own hurtful acts and all of those perpetrated on me were given to Jesus.  I felt a peace and a calm come upon me at the realization of love that is just so large that I am embraced constantly by it.   
Tonight marked my first evening spent in the Chapel of our church, creating a painting to surround the Tabernacle. I was on my knees sanding for an hour…white dust flying everywhere…but all the while, I felt as though I was in the company of the finest of artists and the grandest of carpenters.  I did not feel alone with my little sounds of circular sand paper.  I felt a part of something very special.
It has been a long day… the thought of soaking in a tub filled with hot lavendar-scented water is pretty enticing….I wish you a special Lenten journey.

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  1. A long and full day indeed.  It will be very special to watch the transformation of the Chapel ….to see you put in some of your color….good luck with it, take care and rest when you can!

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