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The act of writing is something inherent for me…morning writing is like eating breakfast and sometimes I just can’t get enough of it! ?When I write, it’s as though I’m consuming a beautiful muffin, broken up in a bowl, sprinkled with fruit and soaked in cold milk.  Writing is THAT good!  Some of my friends wonder how I find the time to write.  I likely choose to write sometimes when I could be washing the bathroom floor. I don’t think that life should be so busy that you don’t routinely take the time for the things that you love.  Do you? 
A person has to wonder about blogging as well.  Why is the globe covered with a zillion bloggers…all writing their thoughts down furiously? They share words about pain, pleasure, relationship, suffering, world events, politics, faith, their children, their cats, journeys and sitting still.  What is this about?? I think that writing gives human beings the sense that they are touching a new part of themselves, a part that lies deep down in a quiet, undiscovered spot in their hearts. Goodness!  Bloggers even write about words…and writing! Some of my favourite blogs are written by playwrites and poets and published authors…writers wondering about the act of writing!   
My favourite times involve writing handwritten notes and letters to my friends.  I like lighting a candle in the early morning hours.  I like warming milk and sipping it, all the while writing.  I put my feet up on a chair and think about the person I am writing to…think about my intent…explore memories and offer out to them, my words.
I have a writing project underway at my workplace.  A student and I are collaborating on a book about writing poetry through a school year.  It is our goal to attempt publication at the end of next year.  While the structure has some work, the bits are ‘beautiful’ and we are both excited.  There are other sorts of writing that I explore as well…but I hesitate to say, "I am writing a book".  The truth is, I wouldn’t be surprised if I write several books…I just find writing such a natural extention of my thoughts, sometimes more so than my painting.
Speaking of which…
This day begins with writing…like all days.  I will be spending somewhere near six hours in the studio today alone, painting. Writing gives my day a capital letter.  And if all moves smoothly, writing will also give the punctuation mark.

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