It’s unfortunate…the result of Canadian Men’s Hockey today…I celebrate the fact that the result was not the same for Canadian Women’s Hockey!  I’ve met Cassie Campbell…what a fine woman!  Truly an event to celebrate!  Go Canada!  Go!
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At home, it was always Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday nights.  A huge bowl of popcorn held in my father’s lap…to be dished out in small portions to the rest of us.  Cold Pepsi was poured out into glasses, along with a couple of ice cubes.  It was always a magical time.  I grew up with three brothers playing hockey.  I liked their games.  It meant hot chocolate and connecting with friends.  There was lots of bellowing from the benches.  Often the games were played out in arenas built in hangars on the airbases where we lived. There was skating at night on my Dad’s backyard rink.  I grew up loving hockey. It’s a sport still very close to my heart!
I remember my mother scratching my back as I poured myself over her lap while the Saturday teams played…names like Esposito, Keon, Horton, Beliveau, Richard, Mahovlich, Howe….the players of the original six!  Those were such days for Canadian hockey!

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  1. I remember those Saturday hockey night games too.We would be ready early for bed in our pajamas waiting for the game to start.To get us in the mood, we had one of those metal table top hockey games, with the little men that spun around and would shoot a black marble back and forth. My Dad was the champion of this game…we could never score on him! Then the big bowl of popcorn would come out with the pepsi and ice, and the game would begin. As a small child it was difficult for me to figure out which team was which on that black and white television, but I enjoyed the time with my brother and my Dad.I lived for the over time which meant staying up past bedtime and then the red licorish sticks would come out.
    Thanks for the great memory…something I needed today.

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