Weekend Bliss

The weekend comes to an end and I am left with a feeling of such peace.  It will be a busy week as I am swooshed up into the events of teaching, all of the rituals surrounding assessment and mark entry and accountability.  However, I enter into it, with the sense that there is a remarkable balance in my life.
The time I shared with my children this weekend was of the sort of quiet conversation and connection.  Sometimes a parent supposes that it’s essential to DO SOMETHING….attend a movie or go out to a restaurant for ‘eats’ with her children.  In contrast, this was a flopping-on-the-bed-and-talking-sort-of weekend…laughter while observing the pets…sharing food-inventions.  It was nice.
These events were mixed in with an 89th birthday meal in the country, a ya-ya gathering and a lunch shared with teaching girlfriends.  There was a special chess game and lots of candle light….time painting/chatting in the Chapel….and watching slideshows at kitchen tables.  It was a full rich time and I leave it feeling rested and grateful!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Bliss

  1. Thanks for stopping by my space.  You\’ll have to let me know how to get to The Chaple  and I\’ll try to stop by next time. 🙂  Have a great dayJenniferAshley

  2. Sounds like your weekend was perfect.What I really like….is when I put your words together in two\’s in order.
    Having some time to reflect is a gift in itself isn\’t it….

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