Valentines Day

I’m sending love out to the universe!  Do you believe that the positive thoughts of just one person are enough to transform a planet?  Can peace, faith, hope and love from one little artist-chick make a difference?  I’m going to have courage and believe that in fact, the actions of each individual DO create the echoes in the stream….that positivity expands and spills over!

3 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. My Special Friend
    I have a special friend, who is so dear
    She knows who she is and brings me cheer
    We share our thoughts and ideas every day
    Sending messages back and forth without delay
    I call her friend, she knows me well
    Trust her with secrets, and know she will never tell
    I treasure our friendship her kind ways touch my heart
    Knowing we\’ll always be friends and never part
    Now you know it\’s you because I sent this today
    My message is filled with love and hugs to convey
    You are the dearest sweetest person I ever met
    I want to tell you, our friendship I\’ll never forget
    I think of you with all my heart
    And kept you in my prayers from the very start
    You are an angel sent my way
    Because of that particular day
    Happy Valentine\’s Day my special friend.

  2. I love the fact that we all affect each other in every breath and  when we send our dreams and wishes into the universe we can know that there is abundance for all.  Peace has no ending, it has no destiny other than for the good of man, if we accept.  There is no  need for competition in our world because each request that we have is like a pebble being tossed in the  ocean, then, the waves move and touch other waves and then back into unision .  It\’s like it has been said, that not a single flap of a butterflies wing that does not change the universe, in sync and rhythm.  I love you, Margy

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