River Music

This tune is by Rachel McCartney!  It is so exquisitely in tune with my painting right now!  Sit back, click play and listen to Pour Me Down the River.
pour me down the river

you can smile if you want to, i might give into this earthy desire, that knows how to suck me in. baby you are a battle i’ll never win, but as long as you’re talkin’ i’ll keep tryin’
you pour me down the river, and i become a wave. you show me to the mountain, i would gladly walk for days.
i know you don’t trust me, far as you can throw your hands in the air. we go on and seal it, and say it’s no big deal. aha! there is a mystery beyond what we feel,
and it pours us down the river.  we become a wave….it showed us to the mountain, we would gladly walk for days.
i know it ain’t right, i want you to prove your love. and you know i’m not proud, that maybe it never is enough. our little world is in chaos, but we need to rest. it would take me a lifetime, just to give you my best.

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