Writing on Mothering

My dear cousin sent me a beautifully written reflection on her own mothering…published it with names in the comments section.  I am taking liberty and publishing it here without names because it is so special…so unique…and speaks for many mothers.
"Covered in the protection of my body, sheltered by God’s love.   Am I worthy of its presence, one of God’s presents, smooth, slimy, no breath, still, push myself, push her, push the universe, give me the breath of life that I may sacrifice for her, for me, for God. When in the presence of three or four witnesses the Holy Spirit will witness it’s presence.  Holy Spirit, it is but her and I.  I witness, I witness, I witness. She will witness and be a witness in the name of the presence of the sun.  Open those eyes, move those tiny arms, legs and feet from this space,expend the energy of life.  You are and you will be forever. Take a deep breath, the breath of life.  The sun is present. It’s a beautiful day.  You are free from me, I am free from you and now…I will sacrifice every breath for thy life as you nuzzle to my breast.  That is my present to you; your presence is my gift to God.  He has sacrificed for all, for us, you and I to return to his presents…………..Oh, Heavenly Mother, now I understand.   I wrote this when I had H,  Haven’t looked at it since.  M"

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