Treeline Painting

It’s late, but I have another two hours to complete this painting…just taking a wee break…actually, my mind is dancing out there…thinking of green…the shades of it…the life in it!  Green is beautiful.  Sarah Harmer is singing to me in the studio. 
I remember the day so many years ago; a family in search of the source of the Oldman River.  I am always and forever looking for the beginning of that river.  As we rounded the corner finally,  a beautiful blue sky waited for us…that, and a huge green wall of trees!  Tonight I’ve been painting those slopes that stood like an amazing textured wall across from us.  Only the trees to the right to resolve and then into my bed and a beautiful ‘read’…A Map of Glass by Jane Urquhart.
May peace abide with each of you!
Words…finally tracked down….written by my cousin…words that will sit with me forever.
"I had actually commented on your painting that I had watched run through your blog several times.  It said something to the effect that when I entered your studio a new realization struck me that I was in the den of a master artist, like a phenomenon, movement, energy, and color recreating God’s proudest moments, the mountains, the trees, the glaciers, the veins that run with pulse through each animate blade of grass and trickle of water.  The touch of a master’s hand, in tune with God’s heart, breathtaking, filling my bosom, leaving an indelible mark on me, I will never be the same.    I love you. M."

3 thoughts on “Treeline Painting

  1. Chanced apon your site, & what a beautiful place you have created. Just love the feeling of space in your  mountain valley painting, best wishes, Winsome 

  2. Ginsberg\’s angel.  What a nice compliment.  Thank you.  A dear friend of mine is profoundly deaf and lives in LA.  She is very creative and one day put up a picture of herself wearing big heart shaped sunglasses.   I just could not resist and waited for a time when she was depressed.  Yes, out came my big sunglasses and I could feel her smile and hear her laughter all the way from LA to the mid west!  Though I am quite serious about my painting and writing, I have found that it is ok to share a bit of silly stuff from time to time.  Here is a link to some of her work.  Be sure and scroll down to the cartoons.   Thank you for visiting the painting studio.  Be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. Okay, first off, I\’ll tell you that this is a copied and pasted comment.  Why?  Because I like to read a lot of blogs and I\’m not creative enough to come up with a unique one for each.  Also, I\’m quite lazy.
    But then I started thinking about how I could make an ordinary copied and pasted comment meaningful.  Then it hit me, I would only leave this comment on the best blogs, not all the lame ones.
    So, if you are reading this on your space, congratulations!  This comment is my stamp of approval, so to speak.  Your blog represents the good things about MSN Spaces and I enjoyed it. Well, all the best and keep up the good work,

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