Brokeback Mountain

The movie Brokeback Mountain is receiving much attention and many nominations/awards of every variety!  My sister-friend and I shared Brokeback on the weekend.
I have to say that the setting was what truly blew me away!  Given my love of the mountains and Alberta’s landscape as a whole…that wide open sky, I can only say how awed I was by the powerful landscape captured again and again in this film.  The scenes where wild storms were blowing in….the dampness that you could feel in your bones as the characters faced each new day on Brokeback…all beautiful!  Undulating white forms of sheep jostling against one another and moving up the mountain….like an ocean of wool….beautiful!
The story was definitely a ‘period’ story and, given its placement in the 1960s, one can not be surprised by the ‘stuffing down’ of ones identity to suit what was of more importance at the time…the acceptance of society at large.  It’s a sad statement on how parts of humanity have,over history, outcast  other segments.  It is a sad thing that the individual identities of so many people have been ‘stuffed down’.  More important I think….”Love the ‘essential’ in one another….don’t trivialize!”
So…if you are hoping for an uplifting story, no….this will not do it for  you.  I left feeling disheartened.  This gives creedance to amazing acting!  The characters were raw and believable.  I engaged them as though they were ranchers of the west….a very gutzy film!  Go to the film, with intention. And understand that it will leave you feeling thoughtful and grateful somehow. 

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