Moving into February, and given my attendance at the recent symposium on LIFE, I am focused on LOVE…on building HOPE…and on growing in FAITH.  I am setting my heart and mind on creating goodness…being kind….and generating positivity.  Join me, alright?
Iris: One of Forty in First Solo Exhibit

2 thoughts on “LOVE!

  1. I just read your space.  Very good read!  Enjoyed your paintings, as well.  Thank you for visiting the painting studio and for your comments.  Be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

  2. I stopped by to visit your site and am impressed with the amount of positive energy here. Your reading lists are great too. It\’s time for me to catch some Z\’s but will come back to read my way through another day. You clearly have a lot of interesting information here.  bye from another bibliophile.

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