Speargrass Retreat

The holiday comes to a close…but of all things, I enjoyed travelling again to Speargrass for my sleepover and retreat.  I like to take to a road and sometimes get frustrated if I have to nest for too long.  I need getaways to stay in touch with the side of me that listens to water…or feels cold wind whipping at my face.  I think it was my parents who taught me most that there is ‘freedom’ on the road and discoveries to be made!
My friend and I sipped martinis in the hot tub last night and gazed out into the many layers of land to the south of us…layers that were gradually hidden by darkness.  I had such a deep and comfortable sleep…and two heavenly walks during the day.
I have been sharing wonderful food with friends this last little while and regret only that I did not photograph one of the most precious meals…a lovely bowl of chicken l’orange served with grainy bread and a beautiful wine.  Regardless, I’m going to capture just a few of these dishes as a way of recording the rites and ceremonies of January 06.  I continue to be so blessed by the love and company of wonderful people!  

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