Love on My Tree

I’ve had my morning coffee….am looking at the tree and see a history there; a history of love and memory.  A Christmas tree is such a reminder of where we’ve come from and the people we have loved.  The only thing that I’m still not really settled on is the angel on the top of my Christmas tree.  At home we celebrated with the same beautiful angel every year and could hardly wait for her to be unwrapped on decorating night.  I haven’t ever been able to find an angel like that one.  Perhaps there was just never replacing her.

1 thought on “Love on My Tree

  1. i agree with you there, mine has many things that are precious, there are my Grandmothers baubles, things my kids made when they were little at school and genral stuff that to most would be junk but to me are very precious memories :)Kathx

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