Souper Tree!

In the spirit of Andy Warhol, I dreamed up a food-drive with a ‘twist’ this year!  Our students collected 1, 599 cans of Campbell’s Soup and constructed a Christmas Tree (A Souper Tree!) that ended up 6′ 7″ tall.  Afterall, Andy had produced a Souper Dress!  Why not?
We had already sent a massive collection for Christmas food hampers to the St.Vincent de Paul Society.  This was a secondary collection that would help to replenish stocks in January when sometimes people are suffering the residual depletion of basic necessities.
There was a sense of competition and delight as our community came together and built and re-built, learning about repeating motifs, sound structures and multiplication!  Wow!  I wish that I could publish the face of each and every child who gave something to the world through this project!  Awesome!  Another Christmas Miracle!
By the way….I give all the credit for my innate sense of ‘giving’ to my parents who have been giving blindly for years and years!  I love you Mom and Dad!
Here’s a recent favourite.
Dar Williams sings Echoes
Every time you love just a little
Take one step closer, solving a riddle
It echoes all over the worldEvery time you opt in to kindness
Make one connection, used to divide us
It echoes all over the worldEvery time you choose one more morning
Goodness or meanness, life has one warning
It echoes all over the world

When a leader gets the hungry fed food
When you just make love inside your bedroom
It echoes all over the world

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