We move toward the lighting of the final Advent candle and I reflect on the spiritual journey I’ve made this year.  I am astounded by God’s love for us and that I have such blessings in my life!  In a world where so many strong individuals confront devastation…whether that be through a battle to recover from a hurricane…to fight the result of an AIDS Pandemic…or to struggle, along with family members, when one of the family is in the midst of suffering stroke or cancer or the pain of arthritis…in THIS world, I presently enjoy health, peace, love and well-being.
As I repeat again and again to my students…spirituality (as opposed to religious practice) is to live out the concept of ‘faith in action’, always giving Glory to God who created us.  I ask God to use me as an instrument…to give and be DIVINE magic in the world.  Through shared DIVINITY, this Advent has given me a sense of being rooted in a huge tree!  Although there is no evidence in terms of my finances or my position in the world, I am one of a ROYAL lineage.
To those who plunk themselves down on this blog….if even for a ‘passing through sort of experience’, please know that you are special and that this little lady wishes you a joyful and comfortable Christmas season.  I’m hoping that you have someone to love…for it is in loving, that you will enjoy the sense of also being loveable.

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