Jarrett Alley sat in my Grade Five classroom and later, my Grade Seven classroom.  This was a young man who had tremendous energy.  He took every project on with tremendous enthusiasm and prided himself in going the extra mile on everything.  Today marks the anniversary of his passing from this life in 1997, leaving behind his Mom, Dad and younger sister…and his move into the next life, where he very much sits in a corner of my heart…influencing how I think about and how I treat others.  Jarrett is responsible in part, for the way I view my life.  I believe deeply that there is a bliss in knowing that for today… I must celebrate being ‘fully ALIVE’! 
Don’t be complacent!  Live each day as a fully conscious decision to find magic and create magic for yourself and others.  Absolutely cherish the ‘life’ in one another and find the joy in simple things and times shared!
I am so proud to have been one of Jarrett’s teachers and today I send out such love to the universe for all sons….and their families.  I wish for broken families to find healing and love. 

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