I’m feeling very grounded and contented recently.  There have been beautiful sunsets these evenings…and the temperatures have been unseasonably high so children are still out and playing into the night.
It seems strange that it’s dark when I wake up mornings and becoming dark shortly after getting home from work.  This is the first year I’ve really taken notice of this.  I try to get to the studio every morning before work, although this morning again and again, I turned the alarm clock off.
Yesterday, I had the chance to teach my Grade nines about John F. Kennedy.  My teacher Miss Goodrich of Riverside Elementary had told us in grade three to never forget the date November twenty-second, Nineteen Sixty-three.  “This is the day our President has died.”  One of my classes that studies media, spent the class period speaking about the circumstances and then took turns reading the 1961 Inaugural speech.  They asked afterwards if they could keep a copy.  They felt it expressed a completely different tone from a speech that might be delivered today in such arenas as this one.

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