Santa Clause Parade

My son….my final marcher!  Today I’m celebrating another parade!  I’ve been going out to parades for a long time, given that my two girls were colour gaurd…and good ones at that!  What a love and passion they had twirling for the Calgary Stampede Showband!  But my first-born began with my son’s band…..The Bishop Grandin Ghosts.
He called her before heading out yesterday morning….all the way to London, England.  He was so excited about his first parade and being a member of the drum corp!  He was so excited that in fact, he left his drum sticks on the kitchen table.  Thank goodness for back-ups!
I’m very proud of my children and their commitment to such as this!  They are all three such good and decent people.  I love you, my son.

My Drummer

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