Strong Women

Ramona and Me: Walking the Dogs on the Shores of Lake Michigan

One oldest-dearest friend and I have connected just the past few days. She calls me ‘Sky‘ and I call her ‘Sunshine‘.  I will have to continue this blog entry at length another time in order to capture what she has meant for me in my life.  Suffice it to say that we have laughed together…cried together…all of the standard cliches hold true about the sort of closeness that we share.

This morning again, I received the news that her oldest son has been shipped for the second time to Kuwait/Iraq.  And she did not receive his call when he landed in Germany, as had been arranged because (get this), the phone was out of order.  Sigh…I can not imagine how Sunshine is managing her heart through this…I could not risk my son for such a cause as this one. 

My sister….my only sister…is such a brilliant woman.  She is so strong and determined.  I could go to her at anytime and she would share her perceptions and give support.  She doesn’t express judgement, but has accepted where I have been in my life.  I love my sister.

My sister-friends strike me as women who have always been in my life.  They are intuitive and strong.  Their advice is given, without strings.  They are a fun bunch of people, with a zest for life.  We share books and art and food and tears and long river walks.  I am a better person for these people.

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