Marking Night

It’s 9:41 as I begin typing….and look!   I’ve been sitting by a desk lamp marking for most of the evening.  But only moments ago, received a beautiful call from my son.
Too, too lengthy a story for a blog, but I will say only this.  Through some very interesting circumstances, both of my children are sitting in the seventh row of the Pengrowth Saddledome at the time of this typing.  Truth is, I know they wish I was there with them.  They are listening to Mick and the boys….this, after the wonderful start-up band that I’ve been following for years, 54-40. 
I received a call from the two of them at the intermission.  They asked what song I wanted to hear and asked only that I leave the answering machine to receive the call.  I requested Honky Tonk Women.  As I finished up another Grade Nine english paper, the phone rang.  There, for me, captured on tape was the beautiful lyric, Wild Horses.  How profound that my children should choose this one!  As I drove them to the train tonight I had opened up with them about how I still treasure rituals like carving pumpkins….and I really feel as though they are slipping away…and that I understand that they have to grow up….but it’s hard.  It’s so hard.
And now…the haunting melody….the words…
Wild Horses couldn’t drag me away…and tacked onto the end, the sweet sound of my son’s voice…. “We LOVE YOU MOM!”
I am so well-loved and so grateful.

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