The photograph of one of the winning ‘stones’ appeared in The Sun today, along with an announcement to the effect (or is that affect?) that the five winners had been chosen.  I know!  I know! You are all feeling badly for me at this very second….
…but, please DON’T!  It’s alright!  This simply means that Friday night has been freed up! (I have been accused of ‘warm’ sarcasm before)  Could I purchase tickets for the other show I wished to see?  (Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave) You better believe it….NO!  It’s sold out for the entire week.  So what does this mean?
This means that I have an awesome opportunity!  I will rent a darned good film….order in a pizza….and curl up late with some english papers for marking.  A well-deserved rest! 
I think that this was not meant to be, but like all things/people/experiences that are not meant to be….just wait and there will be something/somebody or an experience that will astound you!
I adore all of you for your good wishes, your belief and your sense of humour!  Regardless…..there are always beautiful orchids!  My next photo album will contain one of my first close-ups taken with my digital after being told about the wee flower icon on my camera!

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