Jann Arden Concert

I’ve heard Jann sing four times in my life….and this was the best.  The renovations on the Jubilee Auditorium have created such a rich warm feeling.  It was initially, just a nice place to sit.  The music by the ‘starter’, Bob Kemmis…delightful.  I thought it was brilliant writing, with such humour…the obvious way that we could be seeing our lives. Freak Luck was one of those songs.  When Jann came out, the place was transformed.  Her voice was so absolutely stunning.  It brought chills to me.  I wept again and again in the silence as I felt that each song marked a place and time in my life….something or someone I could remember.
I like this song….and so I’m writing it down.  Too bad I can’t just cut and paste…but at this point I’m thinking I might really spend time with the words.  It’s called Waiting For Someone.
Busted down, outside of town
Had no gasoline
I should have fixed that thing
How can you go two hundred miles
Without seeing a single soul
I should have stuck on the main road
Now I’m Waiting, I am waiting
If you saw my face right now
You’d say that I was crying
I’m not, I’m not, I’m not
I’m really smiling
If you saw my hands right now
You’d swear that they were shaking
They’re not, they’re not, they’re not
They’re only waving
‘Cause I am waiting, I am waiting
I am waiting, I am waiting
For someone to come along
Heaven help me anybody
The sun is going down.
I am waiting.
I know.  I know!  There’s not much there for lyrics….but they are overflowing for me.  I suppose you would have had to have a memory for them to sit this way with you.
First of all, do you have a hitch-hiking story?  I was hitch-hiking to Camrose, Alberta to see my friend during University days.  I got stuck on a road between the main highway and Three Hills….a small little town in the middle of no where.  I sat there well into the afternoon….until evening….and only two cars went by, neither driver picked me up.  Sometimes life is like that.

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