I took Laurie-dog down to the river this evening before the sun set.  I watched the fly fishermen cast their lines…smelled the air.  It was a beautiful time.  Many different birds flew overhead and magpies sat heavy on the ends of tree branches.  They made taunting sounds that upset Laurie, but for some reason he was afraid to run into the tall grass.  Perhaps a coyote was close by.
Everything is a shade of brown now.  I think that it’s unusual that I should think this a wonderful thing.  But, truly IT IS!  Leaves cling to branches of certain types of trees…..a desperate clinging to life and wonder and the blue true view of river that passes by every moment of waking evenything.  I love the brown and deep gold-brown and blue-brown and russett and ochre and sienna…..the umber and grey of everything but the blue sky.
I loved my walk at the river tonight.
I went there to pick up and bring home some special stones.
From there, I drove to the Home Depot.  The entire gardening section had been abandoned.  I found myself parked in front of three flats of orchids…..Alone.  I literally called out, "Aren’t they simply amazing?" as I stepped up to the flats.  I spent no less than an hour gazing at the intricate flowers, looking at the patterns, the lips and the mouths of them.  And then finally, I placed a beautiful orchid in my shopping basket and brought it home.
Read ‘The Orchid Thief’.  Watch ‘Adaptation’.  They will cause you to wonder about orchids.  I have decided that I am now a collector…..of orchids.  Tonight I made that decision. 

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