Long Service

It’s been twenty-five years since I began teaching in this school district and a year and a half in a Medicine Hat high school before that.  Tonight I took my son as my date for the formal banquet that was held in celebration of thisevent and received recognition along with my colleagues.

I felt blessed to have my son be a witness to this experience.  And I feel grateful as I head for bed tonight.  My big black and white dog is here curled at my feet in the dark…just waiting for the cue….any movement from me that says I am leaving him for other parts of the house. 

I received binoculars….beautiful high powered binoculars as my recognition gift!  My best friends will know just how much I have wanted a nice pair of binoculars for such a long time!  Afterall, I want to be taking them out on my hikes and to my rock concerts!  I want to make record of the amazing birds that I witness every summer at the river.

When I arrived home, I found a letter waiting here on the computer from my father…..it made me cry.  It was so special to me.

He explained that if I had served this many years in the military, I would have received my Canadian Military Decoration (CD) and two Oak Leaf Clusters. He explained , “Yours is for truly dedicated, loyal and committed service and I wish we were there to acknowledge that.”

Dad…you and Mom ARE with me here……you are as close as my heart beat…….or this breathing out and in…..you are everything I am or hope to be.  I love you…..my dear and generous parents!


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