The last painting…a wonderful, fulfilling moment!  When I look around the studio I explore the absolute potential  and passion that lies within my own mind.  Creativity!  I am astonished once again at the strength of my body and the WILL that allowed all of this to happen!  Most of all I send out to the universe, my Divine ‘everything’, the true love of my life…gratitude…that I have had again, the opportunity to co-create and bring something important out of ‘nothingness’.  Glory to God!

It is time to celebrate my strength!  I think I will finish this final painting while listening to R.E.M.  I do not require the affirmation of others.  So often now I realize the sophistication of my own mind and the ability I have within to surmount obstacles.  I can  separate myself from other people and their ‘wobbly’ choices.  My joy and the tranquil feelings I experience are no longer reliant on someone else.  There is such a  satisfying feeling looking at this passion-filled life I have created for myself.  I used to wait for someone else to create and manifest the ‘magic’ for me.  Now, Imanisfest it for myself!

One at a time, my two teens visited me in the studio last evening…they shared their perceptions…they sat quiet with me in red chairs and shared their hearts.  My life is such a rich, warm and wonderful place anymore.

YES!  Celebration!

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