A Weekend Full Moon

I’m sipping coffee, as is my morning ritual  while I type my letters.  Time to write a brief entry.  I buried myself in my painting this weekend…surfaced when my fingers were tingling or I needed a change of music or beverage.   Love is Everything was the tune on 49th Parallel that I kept going to…funny how some songs stick.
Early Saturday morning I stepped out of the house and looked to the right.  There, on the deck, I took pause.  Looking at the sky over the violet hue of mountains, I saw a full moon, pregnant and pink in the morning light.  Woven into the soft blue sky were a series of pink threads of cloud.  It was such an awesome surprise that it literally took my breath away.
Nature has its way of keeping you grounded and even when you are sad, she reminds you of the wonderful pulsing core of you.  Centered.  Everything is alright.
Image borrowed from here.

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