Making Dreams Come True

When we were small, my brother said that he wanted to be like Jacques Cousteau….he wished to be on the waves in a big boat…and then, submerge and see the wonders of the world beneath the surface.  He followed his little-guy dream and is now the Commander of one of Canada’s fleet.

Over broadcasts and buried in newspaper articles, my brother was featured last week as one of the Canadians bound for New Orleans to help with the recovery/clean-up operation.  His men were ready to assist earlier…but it seems that in every situation, there is a process….patience….evaluation and analysis of the situation.  I admire my brother for what he has made of his life.  I only wish that we could be living in closer proximity.  Our military up-bringing has contributed to the distance between myself and my siblings.  It has been hard to sustain the emotional connection.

I have prayed consistently this week for the well-being of those who have suffered as a result of Katrina’s power and I will continue to pray for the recovery of their dreams.

I am proud of my brother and other Canadians who have the means to help in this critical situation.  May you be carried on the ‘wings of an eagle’.

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