Creating a Blog

I’ve spent so much time the last several years writing electronic letters….writing my thoughts down; but often not feeling heard.  I wrote in a newsgroup for some time back in the late 90s but was flamed and misunderstood.  Now I’ve decided to write in a space for myself.

I know, I know…there will be the occasional voyeur slip through my little chapel and spend the briefest of times wandering in and out of my words…but for the most part, the ideas will be sitting here on this page just for me.


We’re losing touch with writing our thoughts down on paper.  I’ve been sketching lately in a book containing heavy paper.  On damp days it seems to soak up the moisture it is so rich and warm and wonderful!  I like the act of my fine black ink melting into its welcoming surface…I like the dropping of my drawings onto the page.  I look at them and am surprised that I had anything to do with them at all.  Drawings are like rain drops…they pour out of me.

ophelia Tate

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