Cold Rain

It’s morning and the autumn rain pours over everything. I’m more aware  of Katrina and her aftermath than perhaps I was in the sunshine. 
Sipping coffee gives me some sense of capitalization and the beginning of a new sentence….the beginning of a new painting…beginning.  I’m introspective and fine with that.  I don’t think that this will be the sort of day that finds me dancing somewhere or entertaining friends.
I have buckets of that thick jelly goop waiting for me to stir up with sugar and lemon….by evening beautiful jars of crabapple jelly will be set out on window sills to dapple my kitchen with red sweetness.  I like autumn for reasons such as this one.  Autumn has always been my favourite season.  It is a time to go divining because there are so many wonders to be found at the conclusion of summer…so much tucked away in the swish swish of dried grass  bent at the river….beautiful river stones at its edge now that the run-off has subsided.
I will now go and make something of this day…this, after a hug from my son and a shared drive to his very first band camp.

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